In the event of an Afghan passes away in Australia or New Zealand, and the family wishes to transfer the deceased to Afghanistan, the Embassy issues a support letter and seeks the cooperation of the relevant authorities during the transferring process, which include the transit countries and airports in Afghanistan.
  • 1. Appointment. There is NO need for an appointment as the service can be provided distanced and via email.

  • 2. Email. the relevant authorities in Australia or New Zealand shall send an email to the Consular at and request for a support letter and, if applicable, mention the names(s) of person(s) planning to travel to Afghanistan during the transfer of the deceased. The email should contain the required documents as attachments. 

  • 3. Required Documents: 
        a) Passport copy of the deceased. 
        b) Death Registration Statement. 
        c) Death Certificate. Contain information about (1) the deceased, (2) his/her parents, children and former                    spouse, (3) cause of death and medical condition, (4) name, address and relationship of the informant 
        d) Certificate from Local Health District. This certifies that the transfer of the deceased is unlikely to pose any               health risks for humans and countries. 
        e) Certificate of Embalming 

  • 4. Fee. The Embassy does NOT charge for this service.

  • 5. Procedure.  Once the Embassy receives the email along with the required document, as illustrated above, a support letter will be issued on the same day.
        The Embassy sends the scan copy of the letter by a return email. 


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